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75% of online video in 2018 was consumed via mobile device. If your brand isn't capitalising on mobile video you need to be. Luckily we are experts at optimising video for mobile and social delivery.

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If you want to capitalise on the power of social video content for your brand you need to be aware that the best social video creation is not 'one size fits all.'

Social content should be produced for the specific platform it is to be delivered on not just having one single widescreen video put up on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Each platform has specific delivery requirements such as video length and aspect ratio. In addition to this each platform is used in subtly different ways by your audience and as a result the best content takes this into consideration. 

Facebook is about engagement, comments and shares. The best content here is that which directly engages the audience asking for their input. 

Instagram is a far more visual platform based around communities that like certain categories of content and these can be tapped into with hashtags. Content is easy to endorse with Likes and the quickest way to do this is with visually compelling content.


Twitter is about trending data, stories and topical content and if your brand is quick to action it is easy to tap into trending topics and gain likes, retweets and followers if the content is good.    

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Regardless if the project is a one off or part of a larger ongoing video marketing campaign we like to understand your brand to the fullest so we can deliver the best video content for you.


If you're looking to promote your lovely new video content on social channels we want to know your audience as well. An eye catching trade show video may work well on a 65 inch screen but that doesn't mean it's going to go down well on Facebook.

If we know your delivery platform and audience we can create the best platform specific content for your brand which will maximise engagement and calls to action. 


Get in touch and get the ball rolling today with your next piece of brand video content.


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