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Welcome to The Red Red Videos Concept Clinic!

We love concepting ideas for music videos. Like, really, really love it. having a fresh flow of new music to come up with kick-ass ideas

for keeps us creatively sharp. So the Concept Clinic is a two way street; you help us by keeping us sharp, and we help you by giving you some great ideas for your next music video.

So, if you're here at our shiny new virtual Concept Clinic it means two things; firstly you are very smart seeking the assistance of professional music video conceptors (new word for you there... pretty sure we just made it up) and secondly, you are bang out of ideas, which is understandable because you've just spent all your creative juices focusing on your sweet, sweet music, why would you have an ounce of creativity left to think about visuals?

Enter The Red Red Video. We live and breathe visual stimuli, I mean like, literally. I personally don't have a hobby other than cameras, lights, lenses and edit suites and I speak for all the team when I say throwing down ideas for music videos is probably one of the top enjoyment factors of the job, and we love pretty much every aspect of our job. Other than admin. No one loves admin do they? Do they?!

So, the concept for the ... concept clinic is really simple. Send us your tracks via email either as a Soundcloud link, Youtube or other link or if you're happy to, an MP3 or WAV along with your maximum budget and give us a couple of days to digest it and we'll send you a mood board (see above our initial mood board and final video for Jamz 'Black') with a concept or two that is realistic with your budget. Simples! No strings attached, we won't hard sell you on working with us, although it is fun and we are pretty amaze at making music videos. But it does mean if you like the idea, you know it can be achieved with us to the budget you provided.

So that's it! Welcome to the #ConceptClinic!

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