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Creating a music video location in our studio

We had a blast transforming our video studio into a set for a music video recently and now we're kind of hooked!

Over the years of producing music videos it is without doubt that locations are one of the biggest headaches in low budget music video production. Unless you have access to a great location for free or at mates rates, artists can find themselves stumping up BBC prices for anything from studios to warehouses and woodlands.

We always suggest to artists that they try to negotiate locations themselves as once a production company gets involved it often starts at BBC prices with little to no wriggle room. A struggling artist can often sweeten the deal here, then we can come in with all the insurance and risk assessment bits after a fair price has been negotiated.

There are however some absolute gems on the south coast that we are happy to shout about and share with you!

HiveStudios New Milton (£30 per hour at time of publishing):

A great size and a great price complete with changing rooms and kitchen area. Loads of space, two large infinity screens and very helpful staff. We've shot half a dozen or so videos here.

HiveStudios Chandlers Ford (£19.80 per hour at time of publishing):

A smaller studio without the high ceilings of the New Milton site but an excellent option for solo artists and bands a like at an amazing price. We've shot too many videos here we lose count!

Planet Sounds Southampton:

A rehearsal space for artists but also available for music videos shoots! This is a cracking looking location situated under railway bridge arches, think exposed brick and industrial - we love it and have shot many videos here in the past and looking forward to returning from May 17th!

The Railway Inn Winchester:

Providing a multitude of options including the main large room with stage and lighting to an upstairs bar / lounge room with stage and bar. Super friendly staff and a beautiful city to wander into. Win / win.

The Point Eastleigh:

The point offers a vast number of rooms and locations from the main theatre complete with seating and lighting, to conference rooms, dance studios, break out spaces and lounges all at exceptional rates.


Situated anywhere and everywhere we have produced dozens of videos in AirBnBs! As long as you are up front with the host and are courteous, you can gain access to some truly unique locations for a fraction of what you'd pay a location scout to secure. We've been offered flats and houses from anything from £50 - £250 for the day. And the best bit - you can crash after a long shoot and pack up in the morning!

The Red Red Video - Production Studio (free!)

Of course we would be biased here! We love our space which can be set dressed and lit a million different ways. You'd probably struggle to fit a whole band instruments and all but for solo artists it's a perfect space.

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