Music video production is at our roots. We live and breathe it. We started delivering videos for KerrangTV in 2012 and the quality and passion shows in the videos we create today.

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We've worked with bands of all shapes and sizes, styles and status.

From signed acts and celebrities to unsigned and passion projects

and we've learnt that good music is good music regardless of if you're signed with an agency behind you with all the money in the world

or starting out and looking for exposure.

So we do things a little differently here. We make affording a professional broadcast quality music video as easy as possible and offer packages as a starting point to suit most budgets, with our solo artist package starting at just £499+VAT which can be split over multiple instalments. 


We shoot all styles of music videos from full blown narrative or story driven music videos to stunning studio shoots.


Choosing a producer and team to shoot and deliver your music videos is an important decision for any artist and there are many factors that can sway your decision when choosing a video producer and production team ranging from creative ability right through to budget.

Shoot your music video with us and you will reap the benefits of:


Our Experience in almost a decade of producing high end broadcast quality music videos and content for bands and brands all over the world means your music video production couldn't be in safer hands. We genuinely want great acts to have great videos and understand that cost is often the determining factor in choosing to shoot a music video which is why we offer affordable prices on all of our music videos by offering split payment options. This often means a video that was previously unobtainable to a band due to budget constraints is suddenly a much more realistic option. 


Split your music video cost over two or three instalments with no additional fees or costs. So you can spread the cost over up to three months pay cheques making the video of your dreams a reality. Three steps make the process super easy - It couldn't be simpler!

Step 1 - You book your video with us and put your first payment down to secure the booking. 

Step 2 - Second payment is made the day prior to the shoot.

Step 3 - The third and final payment is made on delivery of your finished music video.

It's that simple and makes affording a professional film location and crew accessible to all with us covering the initial outlay of the production ourselves, you simply make the first payment upfront. 


We treat each and every production on it's own merits and firmly believe the finished product of two music videos will never be the same. That said the nuts and bolts of most productions come down to a few variants in crew sizes and production requirements so we've put together a killer set of packages to help you better understand the costs and what bang you get for your buck. 


No matter which package you choose we shoot and deliver all of our music videos to broadcast specification and bring only the best kit to every shoot which includes:

4K Cine cameras and lenses for optimum

image quality.

Professional lighting to create stunning

cinematic looks.

Steady cam style

gimbals for cinematic smooth shots.


Solo artists only.

  • One super talented director camera man. 

  • Up to 4 hours on set. 

  • Performance video in one location. 

  • Artist provides the location. 

  • 4K Cine cam and lighting.

  • Professional edit. 

  • One round of amends plus minor tweaks.

  • Subject to VAT & travel costs.


Get in touch and get the ball rolling today with your next music video.



There are a few styles of music video the main being Narrative music videos, Performance, studio shot music videos, behind the scenes and animated style music videos. 

Each music video style has it's own unique way of capturing the energy and meaning behind your music. Animated videos can allow you to convey abstract sky-is-the-limit style concepts or show things you maybe wouldn't be able to show or replicate in live action video due to budget or logistics. Performance videos are a great way to showcase you and what you do best in a raw straight up performance. Narrative video is much more about crafting the story and message of your sound. Behind the scenes style are a great way to keep costs down while giving your audience a candid insight into your act. Studio videos can be green screen, or white infinity screen style. Check out our breakdown of each style below to get more insight into what we can deliver and how each one can work for you.



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All our music videos are shot to broadcast standard and ready for TV. They can be adapted to suit all artists be that big name acts or unsigned solo artists.

We use video kit you would expect to see on feature film sets, from cinema grade cameras to cinema lighting we produce eye popping visuals, killer concepts and first rate edits.

We can walk you through the process generating mood boards for look and tone to the concept and narrative direction through to storyboards and shot lists to ensure you know exactly what look and execution your video will have.

So if you're ready to give your sound the look it deserves get in touch today. 


Get in touch and get the ball rolling today with your next music video.


We are video production specialists based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK. We shoot kick-ass video content to elevate brands and bands. We've driven millions of views for our customers, helped them win awards, played a tiny part in securing record deals and landed them on TV countless times. We are The Red Red Video and we love making videos.

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