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3D video animation is a great way of elevating your video marketing. 3D animation looks 'big budget' and can give blockbuster production value to your brand and demands attention.

High end 3D animation can truly deliver like nothing else. From complex ideas conveyed simply, to educating your customers on a subject that may be fairly dry, 3D animation can truly connect in a way traditional video cannot. 

We've been praised time and again for delivering above and beyond with our video and animation work. Our strong work ethic is matched by the monstrously powerful 3D rendering and animation rigs our teams utlise to bring the latest and greatest high end visuals to your brand. Who needs a render farm when you're rocking the very best graphics cards, processors and RAM on the market today?

Our expert team of artists and video producers are truly polished when it comes to delivering your vision in stunning 3D. And it doesn't stop there. We can combine live action, source and direct professional voice over artists that fit with your brand... In fact we can manage the entire process if you need us to! Our producers are well versed in leading productions from directing shoots and working with talent to ensuring 3D workflows are expertly managed and all delivery milestones are hit.

Cue the confetti cannons!


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