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2D animation is a great way to bring concepts to life in an exciting and visually appealing way. Our slick 2D video animations offer endless possibilities for creating video that engages, entices, educates and excites your audience. From informative explainers to detailed and beautiful animations.

Your story is waiting to be told with our 2D animation videos.

2D animation is a powerful way to tell stories and communicate ideas in a visually engaging way. From educating your audience on new business practices  to conveying complex features for a product launch, 2D animation brings your brand to life with dynamic visuals.


With a combination of illustration, design and digital techniques such as compositing, our animators are able to create stunning animated videos for your brand. We can also utilise any existing video footage to add graphics, text call outs and additional composited imagery to create new and engaging visuals.

Our team of 2D animators and video compositors are experts in delivering 2D animations that hit the mark from the initial brief through to the final delivery.


Need proof of how a powerful 2D animation can be in leveraging your brand? Our 2D animated explainer for Lowrances CHIRP sonar technology placed them as experts on the new form of sonar technology and was used as an educational resource by some of the biggest fishing brands in the industry. To date the video has over 1.5 million views and has helped drive huge revenues and brand awareness.


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