Our Work with Broken Links for Within Isolation

Almost a year ago we were fortunate enough to work with Broken Links and the smashing Joe Rainbow to produce a video for Within Isolation. The band were keen to make it as epic as possible with the budget they had and wanted something dark with a strong narrative.

Beers and banter at a local boozerier led to a simple, dark and powerful concept: A lone survivor in a bomb shelter, pushed to the brinks of insanity through the never ending sounds of war raging above him surfaces upon hearing a break in the chaos only to witness a truly devastating image of the home he once knew and loved. With the tragedy too much to bare, the man removes his gas mask and succumbs to the poisonous fallout.

The idea was to shoot the band in near darkness with very strong back lighting to silhouette them and help sell the idea of isolation. The claustrophobic sensation within the bunker was aided by building the small set within a studio giving us complete control. We then designed custom flags to help shape the light falling from above and being up in the rafters also allowed for us to disperse live action earth and debris during the wide shots. In order to get the close up shots within the bunker we needed to physically move in closer with a 50mm and really push the sensation of claustrophobia. This meant we couldn’t throw too much debris about as we’d risk damaging kit, so all the close up shots had debris composited in post. Also the closing shots of the sole survivor leaving the bunker and succumbing to the fallout involved comp work for the smoke and the use of a wide empty plate to mask out and comp in a nicely decayed cityscape.

The narrative angle went down well with the peeps at Kerrang TV and the boys enjoyed a stint on the channel. Special Thanks to Joe Rainbow and Rob McDaid.