What does a ‘broadcast quality’ music video mean?

Broadcast Quality Music Video

The world of video production is chock full of terminology that to the trained ear makes perfect sense but to the unsuspecting can seem down right confusing. We will always do our best to keep things in plain English but for those time we let the odd term slip (or simply can’t help ourselves), here’s our very own cheat sheet for those pesky video terms that might crop up from time to time.

So when we brand our music videos as broadcast quality what do we actually mean? Well, our videos are all shot to TV spec, so should you wish to get your music video shown on TV we’ve shot your work to the required specification that broadcasters will ask for. We do this for all the music videos we produce, regardless of budget. That is the standard we aim for.

It also means we approach our videos with a certain aesthetic in mind. For example we light scenes with professional video lighting, shoot on extremely high quality cameras capable of capturing cinema ready visuals in stunning 4K and we utilize the latest in cinematic video production technologies such as the DJI Ronin (a camera stabilisation tool for smooth moving shots) and the Atomos Ninja Flame (a professional broadcast video monitor and recorder). As well as this we edit and deliver your videos to broadcast spec. Should you be interested in just what these specifications are, take a look at the spec sheet provided by Fastrax – be warned it’s not for the faint hearted!