Behind the Scenes – Themes Amongst Thieves

I really need to get better at this blogging business…

Almost a year ago I had the immense pleasure of shooting the video for Circle of Reasons Themes amongst Thieves. From the get go the boys had said they wanted something silly, fun and sports related. So we rattled our brains and came up with ping pong battle to the death, with pensioners. Shot at 240fps. Naturally.

Everything looks better in slow motion.

A key part of the narrative revolved around a slo-mo team talk in the changing rooms. Anger, rage, towels flying, half time oranges getting smashed into peoples faces, spittle flying from the gaping maws of angry young men. Bitterly pissed off with the fact they’ve been schooled by a gang of hustling OAPs with game.

We were on a tight budget, but we put our thinking caps on and started looking for the kit, venue and talent.

The kit was tough on such a tight budget and we needed a camera that would shoot 1080p @ 240fps. There was pretty much only two options; the RED Epic or the Sony FS700. The RED was out of the range of the budget, so the Sony it was. We hired the camera from John Fry hooked us up with a great shooting kit at a very fair price and I would absolutely hire from him again.

Finding a table tennis club wasn’t too much of a problem as table tennis is a thriving sport with a hugely active community – which I was not aware of until taking on this video. We had offers from Brighton, Fareham and more locally, Totton. Brighton had the offer of access to some seriously sweet table tennis tables courtesy of however the band were Southampton based as were the crew, and our actress so getting everyone up to Brighton was an additional factor in an ever dwindling budget. So we looked closer to home in Totton, where the Waterside Table Tennis Club were based.

I visited the club on a Friday night when they were in full swing. A Dozen tables or more all buzzing with action, banter and so much energy. Colin, Nico, Barry and Harry… infact everyone I met at the club were so friendly and welcoming and they loved the idea of the video which always helps. It also turned out they had a great changing room and a couple of mature players who would be up for any shenanigans we could throw at them. Sold.

We shot the video in a day and everyone involved absolutely smashed it. The band were a great laugh and seemed to really enjoy Bruce Lee-ing the living daylights out of bananas and clementines all morning. Our non-actors Albert and Shaun were two of the nicest guys I’ve met and Albert (the one with glasses) stole the show with his slo-mo cut throat action, he had us in stitches all afternoon. We were also blessed with the lovely talents of Julia Fay Jones who kept the boys on their toes.

So here is a bit of fun behind the scenes of the shoot. I’ve matched a couple of the shots as they happen fly-on-the-wall style with how they appear in the final cut, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

Behind the Scenes

The Video