METS Boat Show – The Launch of GoFree

Last week I delivered several projects for METS, the world’s largest marine equipment trade show.

Played over a total of 14 screens ranging from 14″ touch screens to 80″ wall mounted TVs, and there was even a Dreamhoc display thrown in as well and this was my first project delivering for this platform.

The content was broad and included lifestyle videos for each brand represented, these were compiled of video footage shot from several press events and existing footage. Product videos compiled largely in After Effects with video and a couple of C4D elements such as 3D boat models and product renders.

There was also a new brand being launched for which I produced a 2 minute video using the Plexus plugin for After Effects which is extremely cool allowing you to manipulate dots and lines of geometry in 3D space. I was lucky enough to work with the very funny voice actor Tom Clarke Hill for the second time which always puts a smile on my face first thing in the morning. The finished video can be seen here:

I didn’t get to use it as much as I wanted to in this piece, but I fully intend to use it much more as it is an incredibly powerful plugin which allows you to produce some stunning images and effects quickly and efficiently. One downside was that while using Plexus my MacPro crashed on at least four occasions sighting the new plug in as the issue. In typical form I didn’t have time to investigate it as the delivery date was looming, but it’s something I intend to look into as I really wasn’t pushing Plexus hard at all and I have heard a lot of great things about how well the plugin handles complex workload.