First Catch of the Day (…and my life)

I recently had the immense pleasure of filming Ant Glascoe JR at the picturesque destination of Rudyard Lake in the Peak District. The visit was work related, although that didn’t stop me making the most of the surprisingly tropical sunshine and the great company. Once the work was wrapped I had a crash course in casting (not the sort I’m used to), catching and avoiding going head first into the lake when I jumped for joy at landing my first ever fish.

The days shoot involved a lot of observational work as we sniffed out the big fish along with a very quick interior shoot, some GoPro rigged rods and some top quad-copter action over the lake just to finish the day off. Watch this space for the video – which I’ve been informed may contain the first ever aerial footage from a quadcopter of a Pike being caught in UK. Here’s hoping!