40 seconds in and I’m sold (why I had to shoot the Six Blood video)

Ventenner - Charlie Dawe
So… It’s a week before my Wedding and I’d made a promise to myself (and my good lady) that I’d ease up on producing music videos prior to the Wedding so I could focus my full attention on our big day. And that  really was my honest intention. Until I received an e-mail from Charlie Dawe of Ventenner with a link to their latest single Six Blood.

Thanks Charlie.

I started listening to the track and soon found myself typing a very concise and honest e-mail to Charlie… 40 seconds in and I’m sold.

For those not familiar with Ventenner if you like dark, industrial metal electronica this is the sound for you. 

So I broke the news to my very understanding fiancé (what can I say, she listened to the  single) and that was that.

There was a dark narrative that I’d have loved to have woven into the video but ultimately the guys were happy just kipping it simple. Dark, moody and lots of thrashing their kit around – and my word can they thrash kit.