Our Goal

We don’t want to just produce music videos; we strive to produce outstanding music videos. The Red Red is a collaboration between Hampshire based creatives Jake Hawkins and Rob Luckins with one goal in mind. To produce outstanding videos for outstanding music.

A great music video can stand out for any number of reasons; A great concept, a great visual style, a clever message, beautiful photography… but at the heart of every great music video is great music. A music video can look great, but to have a great music video is to have great music to build on.

We like to work with creative people and we like to create great things.

Jake Hawkins

Jake Hawkins - Red Red Music Video Production Hampshire

Jakes first memory of creating something great was recording the audio from the Hoth battle in The Empire Strikes Back on his Dads twin cassette recorder and re-enacting the entire scene in his bedroom with his battered collection of Star Wars original toys.

A keen writer, producer and videographer, Jake wrapped on his first feature film Zombie Resurrection in August 2011 and is the proud co-director of Charmed Apocalypse Pictures with Andy Phelps.

Working with talented and creative people to create great things is what puts a spring in his step every morning.

3 Music videos: The Heinrich Maneuver – Interpol | Sabotage – The Beastie Boys | End Love – OK Go

Rob Luckins

Rob Luckins - Red Red Music Video Production

Rob began taking photographs with a small blue plastic camera at about the same time his dad made him and his brother their first go-kart.

The first films he remembers seeing were super 8 home movies round his grandparents house, He still owns the camera these were shot on.

Working with film makers, artists, writers and musicians to create visual imagery is the driving force behind his work, something he hopes to continue doing for as long as possible

3 Music videos: Aerials – System of a Down | Radar Detector – Darwin Deez | How The Day Sounds – Greg Laswell

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